This is a great time of year to practice using the powerful word ” yes.”  What a word!  
Just think: Lack of decision stops more success than most all factors combined.  So what if you say “Yes” to some new adventure, flavor, experience in your life; and it doesn’t work out?  . . Statistically YOU”RE STILL AHEAD. . . because you made a decision.  The very act of making that decision moves you forward even if the results are not what you’d hoped for.  You get the chance now to practice picking yourself up and going out to play (make another decision).  This is the practice that is necessary for growing and continuing success. .
And when it works, that “Yes” opened the door to the richness of new experience, adventure, flavor and feeling and people you never knew you missed but feel so ALIVE to have in your life.Practice saying “Yes!” often.  Say it privately to yourself, your kids, spouse, friends –  and publicly to large groups and even in the presence of strangers.  It immediately shows you to be the fun loving, risk taking bon vivant to whom people are attracted, charismatic, a leader.Remember, at the end of life: people regret far more the things they did not do, than the things they did do.  Most people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan.  Plan your regrets carefully. Or plan not to have them – say YES.
Say “yes” to the possibility of magic, to a curious exit when you’re driving, to a new kind of music, in bed, to a sensation you’ve simply not allowed time.  Say “yes” to a book, a play, a debate, a seminar.  You are always the winner for doing so.  You can’t benefit from the book you don’t read, the play you don’t see, the debate you don’t hear or the seminar you don’t attend.

Say “yes” when you are alone (in fact say it out loud right now just for the practice).  yyyyyeeeeesssss.  It even feels good to say it, doesn’t it?  The world opens to those who say “yes.”  Say it again just for good measure …  There, don’t you feel better? When you say it correctly, a smile comes to your face and the seven muscles it tales to create that smile trigger the brain to flood your body with natural “happy chemicals” (endorphins) making you feel good all over.
And while it is obvious that you can’t say “yes” to all things at all times, hasn’t your life almost always improved, become richer using the word “yes” compared to using the confining, limiting, non-joyous alternative “no?”

The word “yes” has authorized me to share with you a few random thoughts you may find interesting, useful, or perhaps ridiculous.  If you seen some of these before, this time, give up the “I’ve seen that, I know that,” and slow down and think about what you are reading.

  • Attitude is a choice
  • It is more important to be kind than right
  • Blame is really: blame-me
  • Intimacy is really: Into-me: See
  • Surround yourself with those already happy
  • Forgiving is not for them; it is for you
  • Goals are dreams with deadlines
  • Whatever were your results, were your intentions
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
  • A lesson is repeated until learned
  • You train others how to treat you by how you treat yourself

I hope something(s) mentioned above has made you smile or say “hmmm” – stay with it – and personalize the thought for a moment.  Then take action or make the change that matters.

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