Are you fed up with forgetting names and faces? Here are three tips and techniques to sharpen your memory skills.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. They say that the secret to success in real estate is location, location, location. Well, the secret to remembering names and faces is repeat, repeat, repeat. When you meet someone, try this: repeat their name in conversation as often as you can. Don’t worry about sounding like a broken record. People love to hear their names. Say you meet Clara, the new office assistant in your boss’s office. You definitely want to remember her name! So you start out saying, “Clara, it’s nice to meet you. I hope you’ll like it here.” Later you can ask, “Clara, do you have an office email yet?” and later, “See you at the next staff meeting, Clara.”

It’s an old technique that every salesman learns, and you can use it too. You can bet you’ll remember Clara’s name after this!

Secret Descriptive Words. This memory technique stands out among the classics. It’s a great trick for remembering names. In your head, assign descriptive words to people you meet. This will help you remember the face or body type. The words can be silly, outrageous, or childish. Don’t worry anybody but you know about them. So, for instance, imagine you meet a man called Peter who is long and thin and he’s wearing a green suit. You could call him, in your head, “Peter Pickle.” Or say you meet Jerry, who looks like a Marine. You could call him “Jarhead Jerry.” And, of course, there’s Sarah, who giggles. She would be “Silly Sarah.” You’d never forget this bunch! And they never have to know your secret monikers for them.

Enjoy Making a Positive Impact. Every time you remember a name, consider this: the person enjoys hearing it! This is especially true if it’s been a while since you spoke to each other. Your use of the name is really a tiny, but significant, gift to their self-esteem. In turn, you can feel good about yourself for giving that gift. So each time you meet someone, aim at that double-sided effect. The gift of self esteem, for your new acquaintance and for you.

Use these three techniques and names and faces will come to you when you need them. Just remember to focus, repeat the name, assign a descriptive word, and enjoy the positive impact. You will remember the name.

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