How often do you meet people who admit that they are truly excited about life? Most likely, rarely. The perfect life, it appears when I ask around, is elusive for many. In fact, less than 20% of people existing today were exposed to the right circumstances that enabled them to make the right choices early in life. There are therefore very few who stand a high chance to get the life that matches their aspirations if these statistics were to be interpreted literally. The rest are likely to make regrettable decisions, influence mainly influenced by stereotypes and parents. This may explain the reason why many people I meet always wish they were living a different life or were not born in their respective families. Given this reality; that the perfect life escaped from our hands many years ago, the wise option is, finding ways of making our current status work for us. It simply means making things work out on your side, at least in the meantime, instead of constantly looking elsewhere and getting increasingly frustrated and hoping you were somebody else. The first step is, to establish the fine details of the things you hate about your current status. List them down. The next step is to take the necessary and possible measures to reverse the negative aspects of the life you are living currently. You must take time to know where your problem really lies and analyze the possible ways of making things good. Remember that the best way to appreciate life is to imagine yourself without one.

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