VATICAN Chinese Catholic Elected Leaders do not Need to “Grant That”

AP spokesman for the State Bureau of Religious Affairs on 22, accused the Vatican issued a statement on behalf of the Chinese Catholic eighth issued a statement regarding the meeting.

The spokesman said that on Dec. 17, the Vatican Press Office issued a statement publicly accusing the Catholic Church recently held the eighth meeting of representatives of China, attacked the Chinese policy of religious freedom. This behavior is not only the Vatican is very bold, and very unreasonable.

China’s Constitution stipulates that Chinese citizens enjoy freedom of religious belief, while religious groups and religious affairs are not subject foreign domination. In accordance with this provision, including the Catholic religion in China adhere to the principle of independence and self.

Nearly three years, the Vatican through various means to prevent the convening of the Conference of the Chinese Catholic, representatives of the clergy attended the meeting to “punish” the threat.

Eighth meeting of the Chinese Catholic elected representatives of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and Chinese Catholic Bishops College the new leading bodies, who are overwhelmingly responsible elected representatives reflect the will and expectations. Vatican Press Office statement neglecting their condemnation, which is the majority of the Chinese Catholic clergymen and a gross violation of democratic will and contempt, is extremely rude and disrespectful behavior. Is China’s religious leaders, community constituencies, but also foreign organizations, “King James” or “graciously grant” it?

In recent years to improve Sino-Vatican relations, China and the Vatican with great sincerity for frank and constructive dialogue to seek ways and mean to improve relations. But the Vatican, there are always some people out of interference at the critical moment, endlessly make unreasonable demands and obstruct the process of improvement of relations between the two sides, the destruction of the Chinese Catholic congress, is the latest example of. While still in contact with the Vatican to discuss in an open and secret way interfere with the internal affairs of the Chinese Catholic Church, trying to regain control of the Chinese Catholic Church. Sino-Vatican relations are the current regrettable situation that was fully responsible for the Vatican.

The spokesman said that in recent years, the Chinese side to improve relations with the Vatican, has to exercise restraint in words, and hopes to create a good environment. But the Vatican, media and associated personnel, and constantly made offensive remarks. Restraint does not mean we can give up the principles and the bottom line, hope that the Vatican cautious and self-restraint, not to worsen relations between the two sides return to dialogue on the right track.

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