Want To Be A Millionaire? If you want to be a millionaire you need to act like a millionaire.
Find out what their habits are and mirror them.  Most millionaires did
not get rich by acting like those that live in poverty.  Most of us
want to acquire wealth, some people already have acquired wealth and
already lost it.  By following the millionaire habits you will learn
not only how to acquire wealth, but also how to keep it. The best
thing to do is surround yourself with successful people.  Change your
vocabulary from, I cannot afford that, to, I can afford that, ingrain
it into your subconscious mind.  Successful people not only act
different, but the way they communicate is also different and very
positive. One of the ways is to look for value. Just because some people have a
lot of money and know how to make money, does not mean that they do
not look for value. You need to compare prices and look for great
deals that will save you a lot of money.  Successful people do not
squander their money away, they are constantly looking for the best
price.  They care about quality and getting the best bang for their
buck.  People who have won the lottery are usually broke in five
years, they do not know how to play the money game. Learn from your own mistakes. When you make a mistake, do not dwell on
it just pick up and move ahead. A true millionaire, one that has made
his riches on his own, can loose it all and then make it back, because
they know how to make money. Donald Trump lost all his riches and made
it back, he did not dwell on his mistakes, he moved forward and made
even more money.  True millionaires learn from their previous
mistakes, they do not make the same mistake twice.  They move on to a
better way. Be in control of your money. Know your spending habits, where you
spend most of your money, what kind of debt you are in.  Get some
education on learning how to budget your money.  Know your own
personal finances.  The quickest way to lose your money is letting
someone else take care of it for you.  No one cares for your money
more than you do.  If you need a financial advisor make sure you
search for the best.  Remember one important fact in your search, if
he is not making an impressive income, how can he know where to invest
your money for a good return. Millionaires watch their money closely, even if it is just a small
charge on their bank card, their phone bill, their power bill.  All
the extra charges that these companies add on to your bill can add up
to a lot of money if not watched closely.  Have a good accountant that
knows his business. Most of all build your self esteem. Not all millionaires believe in
luck, they believe in themselves.  Believe in yourself, believe that
you can do what you set out to do.  Start picking up the millionaire
habits, believe that you can have it all, and you will. Get a good
mindset to become a millionaire and do not let anyone change it! As
the saying goes, If you want to be a millionaire, act like a

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