MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: Follow That Esoteric Node!

“A time and place for all things” so the scriptures say. When one is born, the time, circumstances and place determine the rest of the story of one’s upcoming life. Some might say that astrology does a partially effective job of delineating those particular aspects in a person’s life. One of those indicators, according to professional astrologers would be to: FOLLOW THAT NODE. Should you be interested and so inclined, you can investigate the possibilities associated with your particular node. Astrology is a fascinating subject, that requires a lifetime to begin to master but for pure entertainment, it provides a great deal of conversational material.

Are you willing to devote a few moments of your time to take a short journey into one of the aspects of the individual astrological path you have chosen to follow? If indeed, a specific purpose was attached to arrival on earth, then, there may just be some profitable information available for you to possibly apply for greater benefit and awareness. Of course, that purpose involves a contributory production of some sort from you while you reside here on the planet. Nothing is for free. You must be willing to exchange the necessary time, effort and energy to unravel, relate and work to accumulate enough facts to substantiate the astrological data for verifiable conclusions.

Otherwise, spin the zodiac on a short but enjoyable carnival ride! It is at this point, another reiteration: “Concentrated energy vested work on yourself is the primary motive that will open up a demonstrable doorway for you to (learn) remember how to walk through your particular life more knowledgably in order to fulfill your exact mission.” Signs, symbols, omens, and other esoteric data will constantly and continually be offered for you to process along the way. Dependent upon the degree of your interest and inclination, paramount information on the subject is available with many more ideas and concepts for your personal investigation, study, and application. The intent of astrology is not to lay open the fully designed path, but to draw inferences from the various information located within your natal horoscope. However, designated pertinent astrological information regarding your specific node can offer invaluable information that will concretely display to you an ideal representation of your first breath on earth

Such key astrological elements, such as your node, can reveal startling road signs that will prove to be inexpressibly valuable. By compiling, working with and intersecting various pieces of the jig saw puzzle, you will be in a better position to make decisions necessary for your meticulously strewn interwoven path. In order to demonstrate effective power and authority over your life’s destiny, it may prove to be beneficial to learn what destiny requires for your individual personality. You are, no doubt, on a singular celestial assignment that involves your being able to decipher special codes that relate only to you. By following the cosmic insight offered, you may discover what you came here to do, and if you are right on track to get it done. Or you might just discover that, while you are busily engaged in part of your assignment all you need do is simply turn a corner and ‘hook up’ with your particular fate. Either way until you find out what you are supposed to be doing while you taking up space one earth, you will never know how, where, when, and why you are involved with certain people, places, events and circumstances. Good hunting in your quest to expose the truth of your defined walk.

An interesting astrological supposition remains hidden from public view. The information one reads in the columns of daily newspapers does not do justice to the almost imponderable mountain of scientific researched esoteric data obtainable. Astrology is not fool’s jest! (Anymore than physics is not a confirmable subject of scientific study for those who study its laws.) However, it remains completely barbaric and indiscernible for those who have not studied its principles. For example: IF it can be distinguishably stated that everything is part of everything else, (law of quantum physics) why is it such a stretch for the stars and their constant movements to be part of that everything? And, why can it not be feasible that they do, in fact, have a significant bearing on the people born under the various days involving the movements, yes?

Would you even doubt for a moment that a child born in the midst of a violent hurricane would not be affected by the currents of the atmosphere? And just as important could it not be easily predicted (without an inkling of astrological study) that the child would have a life a little different from one born in an hour in the calm balmy breezes of a late summer day? Why on earth would the star’s positions be exempt from the day of birth in a child?

Let’s play an immeasurably surprising esoteric zodiac lesson game: [one smidgen of truth] If this line applies to you just grin. The rest will be disclosed on a ‘need to know basis.’

{MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Nodes assigned to various months}

January: Fidelity will be a key lesson to be mastered. Pure Raw Sex (artistic creative force) incredulously strong. In other words, it’s not your fault you have so much charisma!

February: Extensive Travel {literal, figurative, and astral} is noted; inability to remain still; excessive nervous energy. Undisclosed secrets, unexpected endings to be wrestled with on a continual basis. People will try to pin you down; no such luck. Nobody better make the erroneous mistake to try to force you to do anything!

March Music takes unprecedented priority. Getting over amorous guilt complexes Learn how to say forcibly,”Your words are insignificant to me.” Unless you involve music in some significant way, you are numbed into oblivion.

April Impetuosity will prove to be an unreliable bridge. Remove the need to govern the actions of others and you will set you free to do your own thing. The love dance with jealousy cripples your feet.

May Loaded {D’s} Incomparable liaisons dealing with divorce, departure, drinking, debt, diet, drugs, driving and detention.

June Commitment the inability to make and keep it will plague and haunt you. Undercurrent of unidentifiable suffocation arises when the promise of the forever and forever pledge comes to surface. School is paramount to reduce tension.

July Cold Hard Indifferent stubborn resistant Attitudes. Not a friendly or warm personality. Difficult to get close to. {Incapable of seeing the real face; too sensitive.) Use humor: Your innate gift. Pain is necessary to dissolve superiority complexes. Relax. Be natural.

August Voices Undiluted Psychic Energy! Find, establish, maintain, and interact with Divine Being will cause an unutterable transformation.

September Uninvolvement, king of it! You are not involved with anyone or anything. Though you will turn somersaults in life to prove otherwise. Private rendezvous will never be disclosed. Priest complex.

October You keep your bags packed and ready to leave at the drop of a hat. Although, incapable of making a spur of the moment decision, you blame the other for indecision.Too inconsistent.

November Popularity is the determining driving force in your life. You eat, drink, smoke and consume the high life or at least what you want to project you can afford.Pretense.

December Inability to let go. Get out of the past. Stop hanging plaques on the wall as a reminder of what once was. When something’s over, it’s over. Throw out accumulated debris.

Just a little parlor game, remember?

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