Warrior Manager – Free Tele-Seminar April 20, 2010

Over the last few months I have been working with “The Institute For Human Potential” (IFHP) in developing the Warrior Manager program. The reason for the collaboration is to provide to you both knowledge and tools that will impact dramatically employee engagement, productivity and performance.

As you might expect, one of the questions that kept cropping up during interviews with key industry leaders was “What is a Warrior Manager? Is it a same as program, or is it something new and do I have to do anything physical?”

All good questions. One thing I have found is that many people make the mistake of thinking that Martial Arts is purely a physical discipline. Sure we all have seen that it does have a physical side; and that is only the result of all the mental training that precedes it. This training is hugely valuable when applied to business as it starts with a high level of contextual or situational awareness.

Inside of being acutely aware of what’s so, versus your concerns, stories, projections of what might be happening, you can be far more appropriately responsive with much less stress to your external environment. Remember that time where you were faced with a huge challenge, a real hill that you didn’t think you could climb, and that really freaked you out. Now, imagine taking that challenge on with a clear, focused mindset. You would have been far more empowered and effective in achieving the results you needed.

I remember one specific time when I was grading for my red belt, against 3 opponents, all taller and heavier than me. After already completing 10 rounds of sparring I was exhausted; and as they rushed at me all at once I could feel the sense of panic run through me…how was I going to survive the next 10 minutes?

I did what had become instinctive from training, and took a deep breath and refocused on my opponents. With that my focus and mind cleared and the resources that I had appeared and I was in the moment, moving easily and effortlessly to counter every attack. I was in control without having to have a conscious thought of what I had to do, it just happened.

Before you go into any situation, take a moment and clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Keep the positive ones. Then, consider what is really happening in this moment. Let go of any projections, concerns, worries; just focus on the now.

Notice how much clearer and more able you are to act as needed.

It’s your first step to being a Warrior Manager

We’ll be discussing this and more on our free tele-class April 20 at 12 noon. If you want to register, simply go to our The Institute For Human Potential now: www.thehpinstitute.com

See you at the call…The Business Sensei…Paul Mracek