Mindset and posture are two terms we hear a lot of in the network marketing and direct sales world…but what exactly do these two terms mean?

Terminology that is thrown around loosely on conference calls and seminars but not fully understood tends to leave people in mystery and unable to take action. Therefore I thought I would take a little time to clarify some things.

First of all, mindset and posture are definitely not one in the same. Mindset has to do with your thoughts and considerations about things, your decisions, and your postulates, while posture has to do with how you carry yourself and how you are perceived by others.

Now another question that comes up is this:

What exactly is a “postulate”?

A postulate is a self-determined thought which controls efforts and actions. Postulates are powerful things. When you hear people talk about mindset, they often refer to affirmations.

An affirmation is a statement we make about a person, place, thing, or situation. It is simply something we “state” to others or to ourselves, whereas a postulate carries much more power and significance.

Postulates are thoughts backed by intention. Intention is the command factor as much as anything else. If you intend something to happen, it happens. Verbalization is not intention. The intention is the carrier wave which takes the verbalization along with it. Without the carrier wave of intention, a verbalized phrase is nothing more than and affirmation. Add the intention and it becomes a postulate…and postulates are very powerful decisions that a person makes, and which carry a lot of force and power with them.

A postulate can be positive or negative. Most people make postulates out of anger, sadness or discontentedness…and these postulates are mostly destructive. Think about it…did you ever get angry at something and say, “nothing every goes right for me!”, or something similar? Of course you have…we all have…and that…is a negative postulate. It carries force and intention with it…and it controls past, present and future actions and efforts.

Your postulates determine your mindset. They control your feelings, emotions, efforts, actions, heart rate, and a lot more…including the outcome of your life! So if you want to have a better outlook on things, make more positive postulates. Decide what is happening now and what is happening in the future with intention and watch how quickly your life will change for the better.

Your mindset also determines how you are perceived by others. In other words, your mindset determines the posture you portray to others. A person with a jaded outlook on life, on business, on people, and on the world around him tends to have a posture that pushes others away. A person with a positive outlook on life, business, people and the world tends to draw like-minded people toward him.

Mindset and posture together make up a person’s overall “character”. Your character is your calling card. It tells others whether or not to trust you, or like you, or whether or not to do business with you…or even whether or not to be your friend. Watch future articles for more information on how to build the right kind of character within yourself.

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