What is Personality Development (PD), and Why Should I Care about it?

If you sat with me any day of the week, I’d tell you that the #1 priority in my life is my Personality Development routine. Why? Because, I love having positive experiences that benefit me and my friends each day. And let’s face it, drama is no fun.

Whatever you currently have in your life is due to your own past efforts. Everyone wants “more” of something. So if you don’t like what you currently have, then you need to become more aware of the things you’re doing. In other words, you could be “putting something out there” that isn’t in line with your goals.

So what is Personal Development, if it’s THAT important to me?!

PD is a way to improve (develop) oneself in any area of life by putting into practice new techniques and principles of living more in line with what we want. You analyze your life, you learn how to set goals, and you put into practice more effective methods of living. And many times, things begin to improve naturally due to an increase in awareness. That’s because,

“You get what you focus on.”

Just to explain this a little more, Business Development (BD) is to improve upon and generate more business. Spiritual Development (SD) is to develop spiritually for living more peacefully. And Organization Development (OD) is to improve an organization’s effectiveness by applying PD Principles to its structure and employees. So PD will naturally improve your life as well as the organizations you work with.

I’ve seen this again and again:

“A person is hired for their education and training,

and they are fired for their character flaws.”

We are either getting better in life or getting worse in life. We never stay the same.


A Few Examples of PD:

It doesn’t matter if the issue is about your career, your health, an anger or short-temperedness issue, depression, how to deal with stress, or how to buy the latest motorcycle. When you begin to live in line with your goals then you begin to see how powerful this is. It’s not fantasy; this is solid action towards what your want or need!

A teacher of mine who was a multi-millionaire in the USA used to tell me,

“If you want more, you gotta become more.

You’ll never get that Mercedes if you keep doing what you’re doing.”

What makes one person great at having relationships, while another person struggle with their relationships? Simply put, one person either has a natural talent for handling relationships, or they had to learn what it takes to have successful relationships.

Personal Development is about learning what works to turn a weakness into a strength. If you don’t have a natural talent for something or if something keeps getting in your way, then PD may be the answer for you.

In another example, what makes one person able to quit smoking at the drop of a hat, while another person struggles with it for years? Well, one person just learned a method of how to effectively quit with a minimum of effort by putting themselves more in line with their new goals (like better health or to save money) or receiving support to kick the habit once and for all.


Why Should I Do Personality Development?

Because everyone wants to live a secure, healthy, wealthy, and happy life. It’s no fun to get stagnant results or to even move backwards in life. Whether it’s a certain level of stress at work, poor sales figures, certain types of men we are always attracting, or certain levels of health that we can’t move beyond, we all want something.

PD is a way of “Doing Good” to yourself and to your fellow man. And the Law of Kamma states that,

“When you do Good, then Good comes back to you!”

Personally speaking, by improving myself, I’ve had some real miracles happen to me in the last 5 years. And I share this only because I know that anyone can learn it.


For example, here are few things that have happened after putting PD into practice:

A 1/2 Crore Medical Grant (that’s right, $100,000 US Dollars for free)!
A 25% raise within 5 weeks- exactly the goal I had set for myself.
A free trip to Haiti to work on a great project for a school.
A $10,000 donation for a project I was working on.
Each of my previous 4 new jobs that satisfied exactly what I was looking for.
A girlfriend that satisfied the exact goals I was looking for in a relationship.
The exact car I was looking for.
The exact house I was looking for.
Friends when I’ve needed them.
I’ve drastically improved the relationship with my father.
I’ve learned how to say, “I want this” to anything I need in life and then to actually go after it and get it.
Positive experiences each and every day, whenever I ask for them!


And the best part is that anyone can learn this. We all have very different issues we’re facing in our lives, so each of our experiences will vary. You have to be realistic, but make no mistake that actual results will begin to be seen in your life.

The more faith you have, and the more you focus on what you want, it is a fact that you will receive the desired outcome or better.

See, Personality Development isn’t just about improving something within you and not getting to enjoy the physical results in your life. PD is about receiving the benefits of doing good and improving yourself today, in this lifetime, so life can become more fantastic here and now.

One simple law in the universe is that of evolution: everything is always evolving into something better. The future is always brighter. The next moment is always more positive than the last. So that means you can never shrink yourself to fit your fears (the past)! You have to build yourself up to tune to your dreams (the future)!

And it’s natural for you to want to improve yourself. It’s in your genes. How many people wake up each morning and say to themselves, “I hope today will be worse than yesterday?” Or, “I hope I sell less today?” Or maybe, “I hope I make my clients less happy with my performance today?”

No, we always want to become more, and PD is a way to do it consciously. In time, you can even learn a way to make your results much deeper. So let’s begin.


Let’s Recap

When you learn how to drive, you get better at it by practicing, right? Hey, “Practice makes Perfect.” So when you practice the guitar, you sound better. When you practice a new language, you can communicate more effectively. When you invest energy into anything with the aim of improving it, then it gets better.

But you can’t practice the guitar for 2 hours and expect your musical talents to turn professional overnight. This is a long-term commitment that will create results that no one can take away from you. Soon you’ll begin to see for yourself why I call it the #1 most important thing in any person’s life.


If one improves themselves then they naturally improve relationships.

If one improves themselves then you naturally improve health.

If one improves themselves then you naturally improve career.


If you invest time in developing yourself, then you naturally improve your Life, your Family, and the whole of your Community!

May you start today by begin asking yourself if you already have everything you want in life. Then begin setting some goals for these things that you may be lacking. Everything is within reach- from a nicer car to a more peaceful mind.

To Your Future,

John Positive (aka: Jan Tijmes)


Jan Tijmes opened The John Positive Company, specializing in life-coaching and spiritual teachings back in 2006 following a roll-over car accident. Since then he went from being a full-time engineer to a full-time spiritual coach and healer in Houston, TX, India, and Sedona. Jan enjoys lecturing on meditation techniques, releasing negative energy, hiking, kayaking, working on cars, and helping people out of suffering and onto a path of happiness and prosperity.
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