There are many steps to success in life, be it in business success, financial success or relationship success. One factor which is at the heart of success is that of perseverance. Most people think of success in terms of their business or acquisition of wealth, although ultimately most will agree that the one thing which matters above all else is to find happiness in ones relationships or personal life.

It can be difficult however to live a balanced life when in search of business success. The ease of communication in this day and age provides greater opportunities to achieve success whilst at the same time creating more opportunity for competition. Thus an increasingly high demand is placed upon one’s time, abilities and talent. Conflict is often felt whilst in the pursuit of success.

New developments generally mean that one has to find different ways to act so as to adapt and benefit most from a change in circumstances. The ability to get noticed upon the internet or to make money on line has opened up a whole new way in which it is possible to live. Many more people are working from home, and this has both its plus and minus points. Many people choose to work from home as a way of seeing more of their family only to find that their new form of work becomes more consuming an activity than they had originally expected.

If one considers that the primary aim of humans throughout evolution is to pass on ones genes and procreate, then one can see that the creation of a stable family life is all important. But the provision of wealth so as to thrive is also a necessary ingredient. Balance has to be achieved. The human race has evolved and thrived more than any other animal; it is thought that the benefit of learning to walk on two feet instead of four is what gave us our competitive advantage. By walking on two feet, arms became free to gather food and bring it home to the family.

Had our ancestors lost sight of the necessity for procreation as a primary goal they would not have been successful in the evolutionary stakes. In modern times the internet provides us with a huge opportunity to adapt our ways, become successful and make life easier, so long as we keep an eye on everything that matters to us and do not fall into a routine of “all work and no play”.

As we all know “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and this is what in modern times leads to relationships fracturing and ultimately failing. The prevalence of broken family units is probably more of a threat to our long term success as a human race than anything else in the modern world. We have succeeded as a human race by banding together and working together. Success takes perseverance but it also requires balance and togetherness.

To achieve all round success, one needs to know when to work and when to stop. There is an art to learning how to persevere effectively and to learning how to switch off. Hypnosis is a great help in both of these tasks. Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and in learning to use hypnosis you learn how to switch off and change state. But hypnosis also provides access to your inner mind and enables one to make the road to success both smoother and quicker.

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