You only get one life to live and as such you should live it to the fullest. But how do you do that? There are so many answers to that question, a successful job, finding true love, having a family ect. But what I’m going to discuss is something that I believe is essential to life’s happiness… passion. I’m not talking about the kind of passion you share with a lover although that could be a part of it, depending on what you want. I’m talking about what you have a passion for in life.

You could have a passion for romance and want to dedicate your life to that, you could have a passion for film and pick that as your career, or you could have a passion for people and want to spend your life helping them. Your passion could be for something that ends up being a career, a hobby, or simply a big part of your life. But whatever you passion is the key is finding it. That may sound easy but it isn’t. It’s easy to confusing liking or loving something with having a passion for it. But I believe that once you find what you truly have a passion for you will be able to live and fuller and happier life.

So how do you find what your passionate about as opposed to what you just enjoy? For me the answer took years but now it seems relatively simply. If you like/love something than chances are it makes you feel good, you want to incorporate it into your life whenever you can. But if your passionate about something than it doesn’t just make you feel good it sparks a fire somewhere deep inside you, you don’t just want to incorporate it into your life you want it to be your life. Your passion is something that becomes a driving force in your life, a constant source of motivation to get past any obstacles and live the life you want. It’s something can pick you up when you are at your lowest, something that can literally make your feel like you’re flying. And of course your passion is something that you literally can’t live without.

You may love your big queen size bed but it’s something you can live without, however music is something you know that you couldn’t function without. To me that makes music your passion, or at least one of your passions. There is a good chance you will have more than one passion in life, just like a there is a good chance you will have more than one boyfriend or fall in love more than once. That’s all part of a healthy and full life.

Just remember that if you have anything in life that makes you feel the way a true passion does than hold onto it and don’t let it go. Whatever you have a passion for make sure that you incorporate it more into your life. If you’re happier by having your passions be a part of your life than you will be able to accomplish more and get through the tough times of life with more ease.


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