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You move inside the home and it is just time for the lunch; you inquire the stranger of his choice and he proposes to postpone lunch and have some talk… and the eating part can be held during evening so that you make up for the lunch and dinner at one go… the idea is well accepted by you and you tell stranger that his wish shall prevail… the stranger then asks…


Continued… “Tell me what is your state of mind these days”… you reply; “I assess that you can easily understand that through your paranormal abilities”. The stranger laughs at your answer. He again remarks… “Going by your modern language should I term it that you are under very deep stress”. The wonder element in this present conversation is that both the gentleman stand at the entrance of the lobby and have not been able to access the remaining house. Inconsiderate of your location within your own house; you simply nod in affirmation. He picks up the newspaper lying on the side table placed adjacent to the right wall and draws a single paper inserted out of the complete newspaper before you… as if trying to show you that full page of the day; you are then asked to put your hand at the middle of that single sheet of newspaper. You merely comply to his command and place your right in the middle of that stretched page… finding your hand placed in the middle of the newspaper; he then orders you to exert pressure upon that newspaper… you exert a gentle pressure upon the newspaper and it immediately bends down… he furthers his mention by asking you to exert more pressure inconsiderate to any outcome. The order is followed and your hand swiftly pierces through the thin sheet of that single page.


He hands over that torn sheet of single page pertaining to the newspaper… you are not able to understand the reason behind that entire ‘act’. And before you could gather self to ask any question; the stranger then seeks your permission to step inside the drawing room… you are caught amidst a suspended state of mind and thereby lead the stranger towards an appropriate seating place. You inquire him about a glass of water but he gives you a blanket denial by saying… “now it’s around 0130 in the afternoon and we shall not talk about any eating drinking before 0430 pm”… he continues saying; “I know you have had just a single small muffin this morning and your eating appetite is turning into a furnace but still it won’t do you any harm if you resist your hunger and observe an extension in your ability to starve till 0430… are you ready?”. This recent proposal thrown you upon along with its hitting endorsement; sought out of you is so compulsive that you simply touch your stomach as if consoling it for this erroneous atrocity.



The stranger then insists you to sit across and you pull a single chair to sit at a point where you directly face him. That torn sheet of newspaper is placed on the table lying between both… you once again look towards that page as if searching the purpose behind its sacrifice. The stranger then asks you to bring another complete newspaper of any previous date… though; now you are not very comfortable in complying with his requests but yet norms of hospitality and reason of his visit mandate for their mere compliance and thereby you go towards the shelve where all old newspaper lie piled… Soon another full newspaper is placed before the esteemed stranger. He holds it as folded once and gives it one another fold to make it appear just 1/4th of its original size. The newspaper is then again presented before you and the same act is sought for its repetition; i.e. expert full pressure at the middle of this complete newspaper at its middle and with full force. Meanwhile the stranger holds the folded newspaper with both hands from its sides as it is stretched with strong clamps. You exert maximum force upon the folded sheets but are merely able to draw it down… a bit… and nothing else happens.


Soon after this another act the folded newspaper is also kept at the centre of the table. This time you are able to retain yourself without asking any question and therefore here goes the question. “I am not able to understand the purpose behind”… much before you could have finished your lines the stranger intervenes by saying; “you shall know it… but right now tell me about your daily schedules… I mean the moments when you were employed three months ago”. On listening to the last part of this question you are astonished and inform him that; ” No I left my job merely two months ago”… the stranger then informs you that the notice of retrenchment was in actual served three months ago… the additional month was afforded for an organized wrap up… His words leave you bare… because all he spoke was ‘the actual fact’… the notice to relieve was issued three months ago.


You ask him (stranger)… “Please tell me how do you know all about me”… he replies; “listen that is not important at all instead the most important part is that all that I know is the true fact and nothing else… Ok now tell me what was your daily activity during the days when you were employed”… You ask him; ” would all that information help me today”… he replies that unless it held any importance the question should have never been raised by him… especially when we both understand that he is aware of all… you take a very deep breath as if preparing to collect all relevant information scattered somewhere within in order for its due presentation… and after a small pause you lean back towards the back of the chair while stretching your legs further and draw another single chair towards your right side since now you want to lean upon something within and without… and you start speaking… ( To be Continued) Dinesh kumar (learning under discipline).
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