As a teenager we have our own trials and tests which create a range of emotions. (From the stress of exams to the nerves of that first girlfriend or boyfriend). Being a teenager is not easy. As many of you will know who have been there and maybe are there at the moment. Everything changes once you become 13 and start high school. Everything is a learning curve.

Suddenly in a school with the oldest at 18 years old, references to parties and drinking and who was ‘off their face’ the worst at the weekend becomes the Monday morning chat in registration class. Or who is going out with whom and more importantly, ‘who fancies who??’ High School undoubtedly hardens you up from the word go. Some take it in their stride, some find it hard. But evidently, I believe it is all part of the learning and is very important for an individual’s development into an adult. 

I have can only see it from the male perspective but I do not doubt it will be just as much of a learning curve for females too.

Don’t get me wrong however; being a teenager is the time of your life at the same time! Hanging out with friends all day, going out to parties and learning to drive are just a few of many highlights for me.  Of course, passing exams are important to.  Having that feeling of achievement has no substitute. So let’s explore that one.

Exams are possibly the most important thing as a teenager. It shapes your future, and opens doors to further education. Which is great, but what’s behind that? What do teens have to go through to get that?

Is it the constant lectures about how important exams are? And you MUST PASS. Failing is not an option. Isn’t it funny what some teachers think is useful. What they think will help. Personally I have found more motivation from the rubber on the end of my pencil than some of the teacher’s exam talks. At the end of the day, it doesn’t help! It makes you feel crap!


Thankfully I had very supportive parents who helped as best they could and didn’t put constant pressure on me. I was encouraged to revise and sometimes made to but I was never threatened or had undue pressure put upon me. Unfortunately, I know some people who were going to be thrown out or left to their own devices if they failed.

Then there are the relationships, having that partner you care about and sometimes as far as falling in love. Having that person you can be with or talk to. Who possibly understands and will stand by you. This is a very important part of life. Exploring yourself and what you like and learning how to interact with other people. How to be considerate and caring when it counts, and how to be fun and light hearted when the times right.

Why can it be a trialing time as a teen?

Learning about subjects you possibly dislike and bore you – being made to do them. At the same time, learning about the opposite sex and how to interact. That first break up can be the hardest. New feelings and that wrenching in your stomach you didn’t know existed. The pressure of teachers who just want their class to be the best. Possible pressure from parents who love you and want the best for you but try to motivate you by threatening to take away your play station or not support you, or even leave you to make your own way in life because they can’t afford to have a failure of a son/ daughter around the house. Even though in most cases that is the most extreme scenario and does not take place in the majority of households. That’s not what I am saying, I am making the point there are all these stresses and trials going on at once and you’re expected to be able to remember knowledge and recite it in an exam!

A lot going on at once in life…

So what’s the point of me writing this?

A cry for sympathy for teenagers? Asking for an easier life?

Neither. The point of this is to show how Personal Development can help. What Personal Development can offer are tools which you will keep for life to deal and be free of any negative emotion and feelings so that it doesn’t lead to something worse later on. Most people think Personal development is for people who need to sort out their lives.  But what if you could have the tools before you got the problems? Would that not lead to a much easier life?  So that throughout your life you can deal with the problems as they come up and be free of the emotions which can be held inside and not expressed. This suppression of emotions can lead to break ups in marriages, unhappiness in jobs, a dissatisfied feeling, illness, being broke or bankrupt and at worse, suicidal. These are just a few of the things that are manifested from trapped negative emotion.

It’s the greatest gift you can give. No amount of money or no holiday could top it. When you try it, you will know what I mean.

I was given the opportunity by my parents aged 12, now I am 18. I have done quite a few courses. But it was the best thing I could have ever been given. I could manage exams so much easier. Relationships were what they should be – fun, loving, close and secure. I felt motivated, energized, and productive. I gained a huge amount of self worth and appreciation.

The greatest thing I learnt was; no matter how hard, or how tough a situation seems, there is always a choice: To keep going the same way, or to move up and be free of the problem. There is always a choice. Most of the time we just don’t realise it.

This is possibly the best gift you could ever give someone, the knowledge or chance to experience it. After that it’s their choice. But too many people find life a tough challenge purely because they are unaware of the choice they have. Easy life or hard life. It’s your choice.

Thanks for reading

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