Leading a motivated team is not only more productive, you will find it much more enjoyable and rewarding too.  Poorly motivated employees rarely function well as a team, and typically generate more stress for you than they do results.  So good leaders consider the impact of their actions on workplace motivation carefully.

Some people tend to take a job that they do not particularly want, just for the money. When people do this, they can be resentful at the workplace. Another issue is that maybe the pay doesn’t seem worthy when compared to the work responsibilities.

Regardless of whether a business is product based or service based, there are quotas to meet in order for the business to be successful. In a typical organizational structure, one or more managers are appointed over specific departments to ensure they are meeting the objectives set before them. Getting a group of people to all share and work toward a particular goal can be a delicate matter, since each individual has their own personality, characteristics and work style.

Too often, workplaces are sources of useless or nonexistent feedback. At one extreme, you may have a boss who demands a lot but offers no praise or commentary for a job well done. At the other end, you may have a boss who always says everything is wonderful and makes no distinction between quality work and drivel. Neither extreme is going to be effective workplace motivation.

Well first let me share another quick story with you… A few days ago a friend commented that her husband had come home from work happier than she had seen him in ages. It turns out that something exceptional had happened.

It is essential that you and any co-workers understand exactly what you are working towards. Make sure that you have a very clear idea and vision for your business goal, and make it very specific. This needs to be made clear to every person working on the project. Without this understanding it will be difficult to achieve it.

Well, self-confidence is a vital aspect of life and success, more so in the workplace. Indeed, it can be said that faith in oneself-in one s actions, beliefs and abilities-is the very key to office survival. Possessing the right dose of self–confidence can not only propels you to great heights, it allows you to make the most of life s opportunities, face challenges and perform well when you need to.

Survey after survey in recent times has indicated that money is certainly not one of the prime motivators for employees. Perhaps, they are true to an extent at the entry level, but soon they realize that money alone can’t make life interesting or meaningful. They can buy a lot of things, but not self esteem or peer recognition. These days, for a few dollars more, no one is going to change jobs

These behaviors include people saying one thing and meaning another, giving lip service, gossiping and backstabbing. Enlist a company-wide commitment to stop every one of these workplace dysfunctions that lead to conflicts and lower employee productivity.

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