A gift in the most common sense is a present from people to people (sometimes a bribe) to thank them; or induce them to favour somebody over somebody. It is also something that you give someone on special occasions (like birthday, wedding, Christmas etc) because you love them. A sacrifice by people to God equally can be classified as gift.

            When people give something as gift out of their own free will, it goes without coercion and zero expectation of anything in kind on the part of the giver. Often, they do it anonymously and look to God for their reward.

            Yet there is also the Greek gift, Jewish gift or satanic gift, which is a euphemistic expression of conditional gift. One thing they have in common is that such gifts are indigestible. They are also disruptive and self-serving.

             In this category also are most of the so-called foreign aid from the rich nations of the West (and East too if one must include the resurgent China) to the impoverished nations of this world.

            In addition, Greek gifts could be such gifts from persons in authority, political office holders and seekers to the legion of underprivileged especially in poverty-stricken Africa, to earn their loyalty or obtain such other gratifications like sexual, monetary etc.

            When such obtrusive acts are juxtaposed with existing legal codes of the land, they can be interpreted as one form of corruption or the other, an aberration and the bane of a nation.

            However, divine gift can be described as that gift from God, which enables and empowers his people. Of course the Bible states that “every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the father of lights with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”      

            It is clear from the above quotation that God gives only good gifts and such gifts are diverse, trans-generational and exclusive per individual, society, territory and age. They are indeed as variegated as the colours and nature of our world. Everyone goes about his or her own calling but functions interdependently to form a cohesive community.

            In that sense therefore, no person or place is created without a divine gift. Painfully, some either waste or destroy their gifts by the interplay of factors that could be categorized as extraneous like the environment, peer pressure, prevailing circumstances etc or congenital like behavioural inadequacies, lack of vision and circumspection etc.

            It must be pointed out that what happens to territorial gifts either way is closely linked to what the people occupying such territories make of their divine gifts. For instance, Nigeria and other African countries, continue to grapple with abject poverty in the midst of abundant human and natural resources while other lands including the once derided India and China are swimming in the ocean of wealth.

            Over the ages and even now, God in the abundance of his love has blessed nations with the gift of good leadership. These leaders have been classified as leadership type A and such with good vision, clarity of purpose, explicit and attainable goals; they are also altruistic, unassuming, relatively obscure and unite the people.

The ancient Jews could boast of Moses, Joshua, David, etc. The Babylonians will always talk of their great Nebuchadnezzar, the Brits will remind you of Winston Churchill, the Americans will never forget Abraham Lincoln, but in Africa and especially, Nigeria, there is a noticeable dearth of good leaders.

Come what may, God gives freely and those that are willing receive abundantly.

Furthermore, the Bible says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Today is another day of giving, please look around you there is somebody you can bless. Give a gift today and do it sacrificially not as Greek gift or satanic offer and God will surely pay back.

I have given mine already. See you!  



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