If someone gave you $20 million and said here take it, go knock yourself out. You may do whatever you want with the money – what would you do with it? Does a briefcase of money have any purpose, or is it a means to an end and what is the end? The only purpose for the money is to spend it, otherwise it is worthless. Most of us would give it some serious thought or at least a little thought and decide how we would spend the money. Some would spend it all right away, some would manage it so that it would last; still others would have no idea. However, all of us would spend it on something that would make us happy. The purpose of the money for most of us would be to purchase happiness in some form or another. We still live in a world in which we believe we need money to be happy. If I have a new shiny, red, fast mobile; I will be happy. If I have the perfect mate; I will be happy. If I have a new home or a really fast computer, I will be happy. The whole purpose of having money seems to be to find the elusive happiness that dwells somewhere outside of ourselves. It is a false equation; money + spending, does not = happiness. The purpose of money is hidden in our desire to express ourselves emotionally as being happy. Taken in perspective money is really only a means of expressing the happiness we have already thought of in material ways. The creator of all that is; the Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient one; gave us much more than that. He gave us the ability to create more than $20 million and anything else we desire. He gave us unlimited resources to create anything that we can imagine. He said knock yourself out, use your power as you wish. Create anything that you can think of. The creator did not lay down any rules for the spending; humanity created rules of conduct and usually by self serving individuals who wanted to control unbridled power. The only purpose to life is “to be;” to be this or that, one thing or another. The purpose of life is the purpose that you give it. Like the one who would give you $20 million tax free dollars. The creator wants nothing back. It is within the creative process that the ‘one mind’ experiences physical life. It is through you and your purpose, that it can experience itself as being. Purpose is always creative. A car has function, but it is how you use it that gives it purpose. If you drive your kids to school, it is the car that helps you facilitate that desire. You have created a purpose for the car; it is one of transportation. Not all cars are built for this purpose. Some cars are built for test purposes or are built as concept cars. On an old TV show called “The Millionaire,” J.B.T., a multi millionaire gave away money to selected individuals to spend as they see fit. His purpose was to see how they would spend it. The creator gives away unlimited life/power to experience his creative force through you – to see how you will use it. Humanity for the most part has not given any thought or very little thought as to how to use it. He has given up most of the power to others who would create rules for using the power in order to add to their own. The prospect of having unlimited power is unfathomable to most, and humanity is fearful of how he would use that power. Imagine for a moment that instead of being given $20 million; you where given thousands of trillions of dollars – what would you do with it. It’s scary to think that you could have anything you desired with this kind of power. Once you have purchased any country you want and anything in it; where would you go from there? It has been self evident throughout history that people (kings, dictators, gods, etc.) who have obtained absolute power in their countries over everyone and everything in it; generally self destruct. There is no place to go when you have reached the top of the mountain, except down; so that you may start over again. It is the natural progression or purpose of all living things to improve themselves; to evolve into the grandest version of the greatest vision that it has of itself. Life is purpose driven then, to express itself as this or that and always in a better version. The only way that it can do that is through the consciousness of the living being. Man was given dominion over himself in order to do that. He was given the awesome responsibility for creating purpose for his/her life. This purpose does not come from God, Government, Religion or any other person or body. It is individualized and is buried in the D.N.A. of every living thing in nature. The “One Mind” (some call it God) is the only mind, the “Spirit” (sometimes called “Soul”) is the facilitator, and you (sometimes called “Ego”) are the three parts of creation – thought, word, and deed. The purpose of mind was to create you, so that you would give life purpose which would be experienced by all of its parts as being. The purpose of this collaboration is to create purpose and experience it. In this triune; man does very little to improve himself. His technology has exceeded his ability to use it wisely. He spends much of his time working so that he can afford it. Personally, he does not think much about improving himself or creating spiritual awareness of who he really is and the power that he controls. He does not really understand his purpose except for the annoying reminders he may get from established, self interest, organized belief systems. Beyond the five senses he is for the most part illiterate. There is abundant evidence to show that successful people understand the purpose of using and controlling their power. They are amongst the five percent who control the world’s wealth at this time. But, they are no more powerful than the street person living under a bridge. They are purpose driven to create abundance in their lives and they have discovered the secret to manifesting it. When you learn the secret of cause and effect, you will understand that power is the cause and where you direct it, is the effect. The purpose of life is to give purpose – your purpose. In reality none other exists.

Roy is a resident of British Columbia, Canada. An international published spiritual author, a student of NLP, spiritual philosopher, New Age Teacher and Phenomenologist. Visit Roy at: http://www.klienwachter.com http://www.leddownthegardenpath.com

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