Every man has a creative ability;your imaginative power is your creative ability.Of all the creatures of God, only man has creative ability.Dogs cannot imagine,goats cannot imagine and other beast..Angels dont imagine.Man is the only one that can imagine.God has blessed you with the special gift of imaginative power.

Your home may be in in chaos today and your thoughts may brought you chaotic conditions of life.It may seem as thought there is no end to your troubles, and this causes your heart to beat faster than normal.Here is the  siolution.

The Power of Positive Desire.

When man is temted,his lust,that is, the wrong desire tries to pull him away.Finally when he agrees with the wrong desire in his mind,he is enticed.Initially a seed is sown when the man is drawn away by his own lust.This principle does  not only work in the in the negative realm,because good desire can also concieve.And of cause you should expect a better result when good desire concieves.Everything brings forth after its ownkind.So you see, when good desire concieves, it will naturally bring forth goods,just as lust brings forth sin.It happens withouth being forced.Example,A woman with an issue of blood.Here was a woman who had suffered from a terreble hemorrhage(issue of blood)and no doctor could help her,in spite of the amount of money she had spend.

But when she heard of Jesus,she said,If she could only touch the hem of His garment,she would be made whole’ she kept painting this picture of herself made whole in her mind and the desire to be healed,which had been birthed in her continued to grow.With her imagination she created a new picture of herself in her mind.That day there were many people pressing upon Jesus,verylikely,many sick people,but its only the record of this woman’s healing we in the Bible.Why?Because they did not have the same desire she had;she haddefined her desire.

You see the Word of God works everytime.You can recreate your world for God has put in you every quality that you you need in this world to be who He has determined you to be,but it depends on you and what you want;what matters is your desire.

What do you want?What do you want your world to look like?How do you want your home to be?Begine to paint the picture in your mind and brood over it;Let it fill your mind,and allow the Holy Spirit to control you,by vitaliszing your imagination with declaration from God’s Word concerning you.And soon,just like at the creation,you would speak it into being.

When God created the world it was a result of His desire and imaginative power at work and when he finihed,He called it good.

Have a specific desire;have a clear picture of what you want in your mind.Your desire will creat a strong driving force,which will cause you to speak out and achieve your desire goals.Every desire is posible; there is no imposible desire,no imposible dream gets to this world.

A dream is a seed with enough life in  it to cause it to come to pass,no matter what the circumstances may be.Let your dream grow.


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