I have an interesting article for you to read this month.
From the Financial Times UK of may last year.

Check this out.
Henry Weingarten, a US fund manager looks to the stars.
Weingarten is a financial astrologer who uses planetary movements to predict the perforamce of currencies, indicies and other assets such as commodities.

The world of astrological charting may seem unconvential but, according to Weingarten, it is a much more commonly used device than you might expect.

“There are some very well known names using astrology.
There are a few major fund managers and investment banks in the US and Europe that use it as one of their tools.
More so in India and China which has becoming increasingly important for money flows.”

But he adds that those who do use astrology tend to keep it quiet.

“Many wil not say because why would they?
The group as a whole outperformances so why bring in more competition.”

Weingarten runs the New York based Astrology Fund.
This is an international fund that uses astrological charting to make punts on commodities and other assets.
The fund also advises fund managers when to trade and corporations on everything from when to initiate a takeover to where they should position their offices.
He studies how planets are aligned in relation to each other and in relation to the horoscope of the asset or country.

For example Jupiter in a promoient position can mean upwards movements are more likely.
Whereas Saturn can mean the opposite.
A strong Neptune can mean confusion in the markets.

Weingarten claims are impressive.
He says he predicted the Tokyo market crash in 1990.
And the Hong Kong crash in 1997.
In 2001 he predicted there would be terrorism in september and that the markets would go down- although he failed to pinpoint the exact date.
Last year he forcast that in the second quarter the markets would be down because of high oil prices.
And that the top of the market would be may 11 or 12, which turned out to be spot on.
He also said oil would rally to $80 (it hit 78) and then begin to drop back to the $46-$55 range.

There’s more but I’ll stop here.

This is the biggest bunch of hocos pocos I have ever read.
But this is obvious this is some kind of press release.
I wanted you to read this to realise that the majority of fund managers don’t have a clue what they are doing.
Planetery cycles??? give me a break!
If you are considering trading the markets what’s holding you back.
This article shows that most people trading the markets don’t know what theyare doing.

In this article the man claims that a few major fund managers and investment banks in the US and Europe use astrology.
He claims the group as a whole out performs.
But a quick browse through the performance figures of the industry’s money management magazine will show you that 95% of fund managers under perform the markets.
He claims he predicted the hong Kong crash, the tokyo crash, the us housing crash, that there would be terrorism in september (why did he not inform the president??)

To those forcast I say “prove it.”
Anyone can say they predicted something was going to happen AFTER THE EVENT has occured.
Notice he gives not prediction of what’s going to happen in the future.

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