Zig Ziglar says Get What You Want By Helping Other People! Have You Helped Someone Today? Zig Ziglar quoted You can have everything you want, if you will just
help enough other people get what they want. This is so true in life and in your internet marketing business. Zig Ziglar also says in
order to stay motivated, you have to do it every day. It is like taking
a bath. When your working your internet marketing business, think of what you can do to help
other people, not just what you can sell them, or how much money you
can make off of them. When doing blog post, post something positive
about what can solve other peoples problems or challenges they have in
life. If your doing updates on Facebook or Twitter, make sure it is
something of value, don’t make it all about business. No matter how broke you are, no matter how much you just cannot fail
at your internet marketing business, just keep thinking, What can I do to help someone
today. If you continue on this path, you will be surprised at how
things will turn around for you. There is nothing better than to have
that happy feeling inside of you knowing you have helped someone else. When you help someone else it boosts your self esteem. You feel more
worthy of the good deeds you’ve done, and it gives others the feeling
of trusting you more. A great business model is to help yourself by
helping others. You do not have to know about everything or be the best
at everything in order to give value to others. So, go succeed in your life and business. Follow what Zig Ziglar
said, You can have everything you want, if you will just help enough
other people get what they want.

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