Well what do I say except thank you Tim! – Three Toe Crow!

I was one of the lucky ones to get in quickly and take up the offer from Tim Buttles for having an ebook cover done when he made the offer a few weeks ago.

Even though we are on opposite ends of the earth..USA and Australia..Tim managed to do a complete makeover on my ebook cover in next to no time. Three Toe Crow (Tim Buttles in disguise) was able to take my ramblings and babbling and make coherent sense of what I thought I wanted and came up with a design that just blew me away.

Being creative I have to say for artistic designs is not one of my strengths and the inital cover I did myself was a bit dull and I always felt that it needed something different but wasn’t sure how to go about it..This is where Tim came in and has gone well above my expectations…so go over and look him up and see what he can do for you…I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND his work..

Click the link here and have a chat with him: Tim Buttles – Alias Three Toe Crow

I will be updating this blog with a new look and new colours shortly and will be re-launching the ebook then but in the mean time you can see Tim’s work below…once again thanks time.

Best wishes to all….Paul Mracek

The 4 Secrets to Writing eBooks - New Look

The 4 Secrets to Writing eBooks - New Look