I am a great advocate of goals and goal setting tactics. However, many times goals can act as a barrier to your success rather than a tool for accomplishing your desires! Why this is so I will try to explain in this article and I will also endeavour to give you the best ways of combating this problem.

Although goal-setting has been proven to help launch you towards the success you desire many people fail to reach their goals and therefore they become a block to their future success. This is because we tend to set up beliefs based on prior experience. If you reach a goal and see the fruits of your labour come to pass you will have positive beliefs about goal-setting. If, on the other hand, you have tried and failed numerous times to reach goals you probably have a very negative view about goal-setting. This view, or belief, will seriously damage any future attempt to reach your desires.

For this reason I believe most of your major goals should be of a personal development nature. By striving to better yourself and your understanding of how your mind works you will eliminate many of the causes for goal-failure!

The most common reason for failing to reach your goals lies in over-confidence. Setting objectives that are too high or too far from where you are now, without having a proper, reasonable and realistic plan to reach them is like trying to fish in the Sahara.

Goals need to be reasonable. There is nothing you cannot accomplish but in order to get to a place, within yourself, where you are capable of achieving big goals you must set some foundations!

You set the necessary solid foundations for achieving your goals by becoming a person capable of achieving them! This means developing the skills and knowledge you need to attain your desire. An example of this would be setting a goal to be CEO of a company in 2 years when you don’t even work for them! Setting a goal to become a millionaire in 2 years when you currently have no job is equally as unrealistic!

You should start with stepping-stone goals. They should be easy enough to achieve but should require some work on your part. At the same time you should set personal development goals that help you improve as a person. For example, you should set a personal development goal to find and eliminate all the negative beliefs you hold about achieving your objectives.

Harbouring negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions that impinge upon your goals is always a major reason for failing to achieve your objectives. Goal-setting and personal development should always go hand-in-hand!

By developing a strong character and belief in yourself, your abilities and your deservedness to reach your goals is a strong defence against doubt, fear, the desire to give-up and failure!

A great personal development way to reach your goals is visualization. Most people fail to understand the awesome power and effectiveness of this very easy to use technique. It is important that YOU do not get caught in this mindset. In your mind’s eye imagine what it will be like when you have already achieved your goal. Muster up all the positive feelings that you will experience when this mental movie is reality. Step into that image in your head and feel it as though it were reality now. Through simple visualization tactics you can ensure you stay motivated in your goal-achieving activities. You will have seen, felt and experienced the very thing you are working towards and you will also increase you belief in the possibility of attaining it!

Use goals in this way and you will be assured of success while at the same time bettering yourself in every area through personal development.

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