Alex Jeffreys: Brainstorming Webinar Session Today

The brainstorming webinar today was an unbelievable session, and went for around 3 hours again. Poor Alex he was trying to get his bags packed to go to a special invitation only event and it looked like he wasn’t going to get much sleep either.

Everybody had plenty of questions about their blogs and profit pulling platforms; as well as giving plenty of ideas on what they had tried and got to work..made me realise how little I do know about the internet and how it works…reminded me of being pack in primary school!

What was amazing was the energy and openness and willingness to help and support each other…it was something special to hear and feel…no wonder Alex’s was feeling pretty happy even though he was running out of time.

The REWARDS from a Hard Days Toil

Well I have to say there was more than just a little bit of frustration and pacing, trying all sorts of things on my blog to get the widgets, images, text, blogrolls, and …….. all in place and to not have a mind of their own all over the screen.

Its 11.00pm right now and I have been at it since 7.00am this morning from when the webinar started this its been a long day…but I can at least say that I will be able to go to bed knowing that I have at least got to ground base on the climb up…IT IS ALL WORKING, HOWZAT!! (thats Australian for it damn well all works!!)

My first Autresponder is working, with the optin code, thanks to Dean Holland with his free ebook..thanks and go Dean! I even managed to put in Alex’s List Building Add http:thesecretsofalistbuildingsystem in with a link to my I go to bed now a happy person….knowing that it may all start again tomorrow, but at least for today I have finally got somewhere!

Good night and Haveagoodweekend!