Procrastinating had been a way of life for me until I discovered an awesome self-help website called Defeating Procrastination.  I put off everything I ever had to do which only ended up causing me undo stress in every aspect of my life.

I had wanted to start my own business for several years but kept thinking that the time just wasn’t right.  I felt like I wasn’t prepared, didn’t have the money, didn’t have the resources, etc.  I think I just didn’t have the self-esteem to do it so I came up with many excuses over time.

This program developed by world renowned personal success coach, Lee Milteer, showed me that I did, in fact, have the tools and know-how to make it work.  I learned to budget my time and money and set personal goals for myself in order to make it work.  I also learned to value of tackling a problem as it arises rather than putting it off and letting it grow into a larger problem.

Milteer is also the founder of the Millionaire Mindset Coaching Program and has counseled my familiar names and appeared on several television shows.  Her system boasts that you can break bad habit in only 21 days and she gives you the tools you need to be a success!  This program includes information used by major corporations such as AT&T, IBM, and Walt Disney to save millions of dollars when passed on to their employees.

The plan is so easy to follow and teaches you critical points to be aware of and change.  It teaches you when to give in and when to say no, when to integrate things into your life and when to cleanse yourself of other things.  The past does not determine the future and I was able learn that a self-fulfilling prophecy could be a positive thing and how to take advantage of that for myself.

I learned how to keep on point with my goals, and work smarter.  By compiling all that I learned from Defeating Procrastination I was able to put together a successful business plan and implement it into my own flourishing business.  I have a positive attitude and know that I can accomplish my anything I put my mind to.  This system has been a life-changer for me and it will be for you, too!

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