Just been over to Harry Harris and he says “You saw it first here folks…”

Harry has come up with a great idea to put the class of 2008 on the map.

Like many a good ideas it is both simple and elegant in its design and execution. Get everybody to send through photos of them selves and put them into a video and put it out there!
The best is to hear from Harry himself….below….
“In a previous post I came up with this idea that we would get our pictures together to commemorate our beginning of world domination – a new Jedi Order – and put it together in a video!

So that I can follow through on this promise I have created this Video Invitation.

So as I said in the Video, here’s what ya gotta do:

  • Pick a picture of yourself (real) and I will put your name on it with website!
  • Star Wars characters welcome (but not essential)
  • Make a comment on this post so that we know you want to be in it!
  • Make a post about this on YOUR blog linking back here!
  • Send photo to class2008video[at]gmail.com
  • Follow me on Twitter http://twitter.com/harryharrisblog (not essential but nice to be nice)

It will be great fun to look back and see how far we will have come with Alex and his coaching!

See you in Vegas Baby – let’s rally the troops!


Great stuff Harry…I am jealous that I didn’t think of it first..

So if you want to sign up for “The Class of 2008 of Alex Jeffreys” go over to Harry Harris and join up before its too late. I am sure the video will be a major win all around for all students.

Best of luck to all..

Paul Mracek ( Journeyman)