Hypnosis happens so many times each day but they probably feel natural for us. It is an altered experience of consciousness to reconfigure our imagination. Hypnosis is a natural state that occurs when we feel so relaxed that you get stuck in a dream. In this trance, you will probably still be aware of what’s happening around you and you can still remember them once you become conscious again.

What are the different signs of hypnosis? There is a feeling of warmth, changes in breathing pattern, depth and rate, relaxation and loosening of the muscles of the body, increased wetness or teary-eyed appearance once the eyes are opened after the procedure, there is flattening and a more relaxed facial muscles, slight twitching of the fingers, toes, legs or arms, and flapping of the eyelids. These signs can all be expected simultaneously once to the person is being hypnotized.

The simplest way on how to hypnotize a person is to utilize a progressive relaxation strategy. How are we going to do that? First, we instruct a person to sit or lie on his back comfortably. Talk to him slowly in a very soothing voice but it doesn’t require being in monotone. You could tell him to take a deep and calm breath, close his eyes slowly and begin the relaxation process. Make him aware of the different parts of his body by saying words that will sooth him more. You can start telling him to feel his arms, relax his shoulders and permit all of them to be more and more comfortable, and make his muscles loose. Give positive reinforcements to the person that you would like to hypnotize. You can repeat this process for about ten to fifteen minutes. When the process is to be finished, tell the person to slowly open his eyes as you count to five and that he will feel more refreshed and relaxed after the session.


Before you begin this process, reassure first to that person that he will be fully aware of what might happen once he wake up. In concluding the hypnosis, you can suggest to the patient that everything is more exciting now. Suggest things that will serve as their self-fulfilling insights because when we are able to control their minds, the outcomes will just follow.

Hypnosis is a great way to be relaxed, just like watching a movie. It will make your imagination work for your consciousness. After the session, discuss the highlights with him while you ask questions about the experience. You can also verify from him if it made any difference in his life. Also, following a successful hypnosis session, the following hypnosis schedule will be much easier to do. If he responded just fine, you can repeat the session in a shorter duration while you go over the process over again.

During the end of each hypnosis session, suggest another session of hypnosis. The next time that it will be done, hypnosis will be faster and deeper each time because practice makes it better. Make certain that the experience will be enjoyable.

Learning how to hypnotize someone is a pastime of many. Thousands of people benefit when they also learn how to hypnotize themselves since hynotisism can be very beneficial in everyday life.
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