“Finding Your Own North Star claiming the life you were meant to live” by Martha Beck really had me thinking about my life.  Martha Beck writes about every body in our lives that stops us from finding our North Star.  The people that deters us are normally are figment of our imagination.  My previous articles discussed Martha Beck concept on the essential and social self.  When the essential self and social self are in alignment, then we will have eternal bliss.  When our social self is dominating, “every body” that deters us from achieving continuity within ourselves tends to appear. For example, if you decided to be a professional clown and not continue to be a banker.  What kind of feedback would you get from the people in your life?

The segments of our lives that our social self generates opposition to the fusion of the social and essential self:

1. Family

2. Media Culture

3. Ideological Camps

4. School

5. Peers

6. Organizations

The six different segments listed above are or have been part of the way you think for most of your life.  The problem arises when these segments are not directly making a judgment call on your decision and yet your social self manifest it. The fact remains that nobody or any organization has the right deter you from reaching your North Star.  When you make the decision to line up your social self with what your essential self is feeling, then you will experience the happiest time in your life.  The best way to overcome this is to listen to your essential self over your need to conform to your social self. The only way that fusion of your social self and essential self is if the essential finally takes over and make the decision necessary with an unwavering courage.

Shirland Carrington is originally from Barbados. Shirland earned his B.S and M.B.A degrees to help him achieve his goals and dream. Amazingly, Shirland is achieving his dreams without direct correlation to earning his degrees.

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