Where would we be if we did not have faith? Be that faith in ourselves, faith in our loved ones, faith in our fellow humans, faith in our future, faith in God or faith in life itself. I personally cannot imagine a life without that abstract element, the energy of faith. I wake up every morning and I have faith, I trust that I will live through the day, I go about my duties and I have faith that all will be as it usually is, that I will not suddenly fall off the planet earth to float indefinitely in outer space, or to suddenly drop dead without a reason! Accidents and obstacles come as a surprise or shock and I feel challenged but then I discover yet new strengths within me that I did not know existed, and I have faith that all will be well again. Where does this faith come from? I don’t really know, it’s just there no matter what happens. Even when I’m hit hard it’s always faith that eventually brings me back to life and I bounce back in top form.

Usually one relates having faith to religions. One has faith meaning one believes in one religion or another, in one God or another. But here I would like to talk about the essence of faith, the feeling, the idea, the thought of having faith, in general a persuasion of the mind, an act of knowledge, of will and understanding. I am not talking about blind faith, as when someone is indoctrinated into a belief system that one follows blindly without question, without reflection or understanding. Most religions demand that people believe and have blind faith in the scriptures and in the teachings of any particular religion, no matter how absurd, senseless or far-fetched the stories are. And perhaps for many this is just the right recipe that they need as an anchor to hold on to, so it works fine for them. For others this may not be enough, they have questions and they need to search for knowledge, for wisdom and truth.

There is faith outside religion, otherwise would we ever sow seeds if we did not believe and have faith that the seeds will grow into flowers, plants, trees or food? Would we ever do anything without the belief that we would have the results we imagine and hope for? Doesn’t everything we do depend on the fact that we have faith? Isn’t faith the moving cause of all actions for all intelligent beings? Isn’t faith the principle power that creates all things? Doesn’t that mean, therefore, that without hope and faith nothing can exist. Is this perhaps what the ancient scriptures of all religions alike have been endeavouring to teach us mere mortals? I quote here a passage from one of the ancient scriptures: ‘For verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you.’ A passage from another ancient scripture says: ‘Faith is the first great governing principle that has power, dominion, and authority over all things. Without it, there is no power, and without power there could be no creation, nor existence!’

Faith is a power that operates throughout our lives and every soul has this unwavering inner born faith at birth. Just watch children and you will see that this is true. However, as soon as we begin to develop reason, which is a process of acquiring knowledge that we need to live life, we tend to lose our self-confidence and our confidence in others. Doubt begins to creep in, which is the greatest enemy of the soul and it hinders one from progressing towards self-realization. Those who have faith naturally no matter how many disappointments they encounter in their lives recognize faith as a power from the Divine. Their faith dominates and directs their reason keeping them in union with the Cosmos, in touch with their Higher Self, their Higher Presence. They do not have blind faith but they have careful insight into the life that we live as their faith defends the innate desire of the Higher Self. Faith breeds faith. The more faith develops the greater is faith’s influence on our daily actions, our behavior and also our environment. Faith must come from deep within and is the secret of all success. The first thing to learn is to have faith in yourself and this faith should be so strong that no matter what others say you keep on going in your belief. Entrepreneurs usually have this faith. Faith means having self-confidence. Healthy self-confidence is good. Love it, live it and enjoy it.

To a mystic faith is the unique power that works through the whole of creation. Faith for the mystic does not mean a belief in a certain religion, prophet, dogma, teacher or a book, but a deep unconditional trust, even in the absence of reason. For many this quality comes naturally, versus others who constantly require material proof. Yet it is said that every soul brings this quality of faith when born, it is only later that the soul begins to mistrust and so loses faith. As the soul grows the soul begins to trust in names and forms and in the progress towards knowledge the soul begins to compare and considers some things better than others and so confuses what is real with what is not. Sometimes some people lose faith if they meet with obstacles in their life or live through negative experiences with family, friends or work mates, and that is a pity because by giving up their trust and faith in others they give up their own inner power. How many times have you heard someone say: ‘I’ve been cheated one time too many, now I don’t trust anyone.’ Or ‘I can’t love anyone any more, my partner cheated on me.’ Those who mistrust everyone and everything are unfortunate for such people live half a life by shutting out life experiences that help them to grow along the path to self-realization.

The Law of Faith is founded upon the recognition that we all know more than what we have read, heard or studied. We know more because we are a part of the All and we have a direct link to the universal wisdom. We just need to learn and to remember how to access this link and this we can do, if we quiet our mind and look within, listen, discern and most of all if we trust. We need to learn to develop more trust in our own deepest intuition and wisdom as the final arbiter and source of our decisions. Faith being a vibration of the highest frequency will always prevail. Doubt never succeeds but faith always does. Faith is the feeling of light. It does not take faith it takes application. If you have faith, which is the feeling of light, it will act more rapidly but if you make your application, the law is compelled to act for you. Faith is the presentiment of knowledge. Like a motive force, faith intensifies the energy. Despair is the death of faith. When faith is knowledge then despair is the death of knowledge. So no matter what religion you belong to or what belief you have, focus on the energy of faith. Always have faith in yourself, have faith in Higher Powers, have faith in others, have faith that all will be well, no matter what. Obstacles, problems, accidents and ill health are all a part of life, and we all have our share of that, no one is spared. Go through your experiences with faith in your heart, it makes life much easier. There is as much good out there as there is evil, ignore the evil and focus on the good. Contribute to the good with your thoughts and with your deeds, for that is what is most needed right now as we, as a human family, move forward in these turbulent times to higher dimensions of being.

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