Personal development is going to be a top topic on AdvancePod. Here we understand personal development very linked with our professional development.

There is a common way of thinking that separates professional and personal life. I do believe that there is no good reason to keep it apart, everything that we learn in our professional life is applicable to our personal one and vice versa. The one and only skill set that stands only in our professional development is the hard skill set; this subsume every technical knowledge that we need to deliver a result in our job.

But everything else can be used every day and every minute of the day, no matter if you are working, trying to loose weight, educating your children, fighting against a health issue, practicing your favourite sport…

What am I talking about? well, this is a huge area that is normally called “soft skills” it goes from conflict management to goal setting, passing by communication skills, time management, people management, leadership…

I guess the message here is that we have to stop looking at the soft skills as job-related and start integrating them in our life. I’m sure lots of people are already doing it. Could it be an indicator for success people?

But, how to do it? which is the best way to move from a “I’m a poor guy” status to take control of the situation and start moving in the right direction? even worse, how can one be sure of which is the right direction? Well, here we have a couple of good questions. I’d say that if we are able to formulate them, it will mean that we are moving in the right direction.

Someone could say, yeah! I already know this, I’m tired of hearing this, but tell me how does it apply to my problem.

I’ll never get tired of giving the same answer. Nobody will never come to you and give you the solution to your problem or challenge, and if he does, I’ll warrantee he is wrong. The only person that can give me a solution to my problem is myself, I can learn from similar experiences, I can analyze similar situations… but only me can figure out the solution.

Think about it! don’t you already know the first step towards a solution to the main problem that is worrying you?.

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